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Ambient Management

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The regional diversity that engloba a great cultural, economic diversity, social politics and must be taken in consideration and associate to the social control of the State by means of the institutionalization of the participation, where the council members must be perceived as concrete citizens in the process of sustainable development of the Xingu. In this direction we understand that a proposal curricular for such formation must be pautar for the territorial diversity, as well as for the reflection of the experiences and knowing of these citizens associates to one fund technician on questions that involve: ) Education and Ambient Management, understood under diverse aspects in special the relative ones to the ambient control of the water, green residues, areas, systems of ambient integration, ambient economy, ambient impacts and risks. b) Development and sustainable regional planning, understanding the quarrel on the importance of the territory and the region as unit of planning of State, the Plans of Development for Amaznia, great projects and its repercussions, strategical planning, public support practical speeches and, politics for the Amaznia. c) Social inclusion, by means of empowerment or delegation of responsibility, sharing of responsibilities, ethnic-racial valuation of the social citizens, questions, social sort, movements. d) Democracy, participation and citizenship, the Brazilian democracy, canals of popular participation, social control and monitoramento of public politics, advice, rights and duties of the citizen.


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