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So, if your children also learn English – safely join the contest! 2.Bystree all can learn a foreign language as early as possible if you begin to speak it. And it can be done while in the medium of foreigners who do not speak your language, as well as communicating with foreigners over the Internet. That’s why we all start to ‘catch’ the local language after 2-3 months of life in another country – they come into effect survival instincts, and we are willy-nilly, we master the basic constructs required for communication. Thus, try to ‘dive’ in the environment as much as possible, even if all around you are not foreigners. There is always the Internet with lots of language resources. US Senator from Vermont addresses the importance of the matter here. Enjoy! 3.

When you learn a language just listening, and speaking with native speakers, you omit the grammatical part. Therefore, by the time you may become perfectly speak the language, but other aspects (eg, writing), may cause you difficulty. Therefore, even if You spent the summer in England and already fluent in English, do not ignore the grammar! 4.What regard to the letter, some of the languages in this regard will be given to you is easier than others. For example, if you know how to write in English, then French and German alphabets will not cause any difficulties. But over the Arabic or Thai alphabet have little pokorpet. However, remember that an independent and hard work will help to overcome even the most unimaginable alphabet (such as, for example, Japanese), and once the characters become for you as well understood as the native Cyrillic. And you will greatly facilitate the study of the language is clear and proven system to develop – you know, where and how they move, it will give you strength and confidence! But most importantly, it’s worth repeating – your motivation and effort is what will lead you to success. Think again, for what you need to learn the language, this is what you give what door will open. Work on that and everything! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Lots of useful educational materials (including videos) for the study of Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian (as well as Russian, for Foreigners). ‘Generic improved foreign languages! ‘- Discover the language independently and effectively.


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