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There are more than 2650 languages in the world and more than 7,000 dialects. Know with certainty that language is the hardest to learn is not as simple as anyone can believe. Different languages present different challenges, and what makes a language difficult to learn depends on the person who is studying it. Their mother tongue is an important factor in being able to speak difficulty. For example, Italian speakers seem to learn Spanish and Portuguese quite easily in spite of complex grammatical structures in the Spanish language. On the same basis, the Chinese speakers will probably learn Japanese faster than persons whose native language uses the Roman alphabet. Visit author for more clarity on the issue.

In fact, China does not have its own grammatical system, which makes it easier to learn than many Western languages, that Yes, once you have memorized and learned basic characters. That is why it is important in this language to know terminology and accurate translation of grammatical senses and all its composition. Individual fitness It is another factor. Some people have a natural talent for learning new languages, they end up being professional translators or something like that. Meanwhile, there are others who are fighting for a long time with the basic concepts of certain language.

Factors such as the environment, materials used, motivation, and even the environment also play an important role in the difficulty of learning any language. It should set aside all of the above. For its part, the British Foreign Office carried out a study of the language and recently came to the conclusion that the most difficult to learn language is Basque, which is spoken in parts of Spain and France, followed closely by the Hungarian, who has 35 cases or nominal forms. Moreover, languages like German and Russian using a scoring system that is among the most difficult in the world. Some languages that use different characters may seem difficult to read and write by the users of the Latin alphabet, but are not always so difficult. The experts agree that the Vietnamese and Japanese, Chinese and Koreans can learn more easily than speakers of the Western languages, however, its much more complex languages. The English, on the other hand, is really very difficult to learn due to pronunciation problems and irregular verbs, i.e., many words and sentences are written equal but sound different depending on the meaning. This makes English difficult to understand even for people whose mother tongue is a related language or by any type of languages that is an English Spanish translator and devoted his professional life to that.


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