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Amazed at times how true is the proverb about the beam in the eye. People sometimes (and someone often) so carefully and subtly avoid seeing some flaws in themselves and their behavior, that this art can write a book treatises and dissertations. What is done with success by what we call psychologists, therapists, spiritual teachers and gurus simply. If you think at the moment "over a look," then, as always be right. Although I'm trying to track carefully hidden from himself ogreshnosti own, the fate of the detection beam in his eye I could not be avoided. It is a good thing because who we were, if not to expose introspect his sinful life and blasphemous thoughts. How many times have I, watching people in a certain situation, and sometimes myself, being in the same thought: "And then he (a) fuss? Nothing special happened, and already all on pins and needles. AND even if the outcome of this situation is not the best, it is not as catastrophic as it seems at first sight.

" About so I watched some of the fussiness of formic, and their questions, "how can you be so calm?" Only smiling like a Cheshire cat. Because how many times I tried to convey in words the profitability of the emotional and mental state, prior to the majority of it does not reach, and after a while I gave up these efforts. And that would do you think? Recently I had was similar to those now described, with not realizing the whole tragicomic this analogy. That you may not have been as dull, to which "did not come," describe what happened.


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