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Dessert and Diets

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It eats more dessert, ” tomorrow you begin your dieta” , ” reljate and you do not worry about this da” If you have listened these voices in your mind you are not ill, you are completely healthy and your brain works perfectly. Those voices are part of your internal dialogue. At any moment three voices within us exist: Young I, adult I and I father. Many people have controlled to and the first last one, but thousands leave direct their life. This imagines, you are on the verge of initiating a new loving relation, but your previous pair was to you unfaithful, your I father more likely will say: ” all or all are iguales” , young I ” disfrtalo or disfrtala without comprometerte” and the adult will not have opportunity to think since the dialogues of them are so strong that they will not leave it. First that you must do is to restrain those dialogues, one of the forms to do it is to move the eyes. If, you read well, at this moment dates account from how you are moving the eyes, most logical it is you are moving than them of right to left, what it happens you move if them upwards and downwards, is more, you do a circle with the movement of your eyes, it is the same effect? , you think the same? By all means that no.

Those movements are called ocular landlords they serve and to change us our beliefs, to accede to our resources and to modify our conducts. Instead of to think that your new pair will be to you unfaithful, you could first imaginarte a wonderful day with her, while you move your eyes of right to left, down, later in the middle and to the last one above. Prubalo at this moment. What happens? You think the same? Clear that no, if you continue making these exercises soon you will discover new forms to change your life, acceding to cerebral resources that are slept. Besides the ocular movements you can simply stop those dialogues that they prevent you to advance, confrntalos and you do not leave them take the control, you could ask ” to them; and if ? “. That is to say, pregntale: ” And if you equivocations and this pair will not be to me unfaithful? “. The dialogues that follow they will be extremely interesting.


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