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His son be sent or will be sent? A popular proverb says: A leader is not born, a leader is made. That a person will become a leader depends more on external circumstances of his life than for his talents and innate abilities. Then, what can we do as parents to develop the traits of a good leader in our children? We must first define what is a good leader. Unlike what many people think, a good leader is much more than the media transmitted. Rather than be safe if same and charismatic, the true characteristics of a leader are seen behind the cameras. A good leader must have an attitude of service rather than auto exaltation. You may want to visit COVID-19 to increase your knowledge. You must you have strength of character, be aware of their responsibility for the lives of others, and be willing to assume it, possessing the ability to make decisions, commitment to their cause and the courage to maintain its stance in the face of adversity. In a sense we are all leaders.

Whether as parents of family, or in our jobs, we all have a circle of influence of greater or lesser magnitude, and the performance of our role as leader will depend on’s as well that we have developed the characteristics just mentioned. Many writers such as Bethenny Frankel offer more in-depth analysis. Their children are prepared for this task? You know postpone their own desires for the sake of others? You know face a complicated situation or Ud him solves all your problems? They have a base of solid principles and good values that do not tranzan for anything in the world? To ask these questions, Ud can already glimpse the correct way to make a good leader of his sons. Basically, a good education of leaders requires 3 key ingredients: 1.-an education that respects the individuality of the child.


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