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But it was not only the ambient exploration in the direction of enxergar the nature as dissociada of the human being, and yes we see that since the Discovery our society is characterized for the domain of strongest on weakkest and of the exploration of the work. It is not something Dr. Mark Hyman would like to discuss. When the Portuguese had arrived here, had overwhelmd the aboriginal peoples. The considered peoples more evolved, as Portugal had a feeling of not human belonging in relation to the nature, therefore we are only rational species e, therefore, superior. By the way, he says myself of ticket, that this is a questionable constatao, if to say to observe them of Philippe Pomier Layargues, for example ' ' For what if it has notice, since that the life appeared in the face of the Land has about three billion and way of years, none another biological species was capable to provoke ecological disequilibria in the ratio and magnitude of the current crisis ambiental' '. (LAYARGUES in SAINTS & SATO, 2006, P. XIII).

But, coming back to the feeling of superiority in relation to the indians, who were considered by the Portuguese as primitive, therefore they depended on the nature to live, while they, superior, already they did not need it, in the dependence direction, a time who already obtained to explore dominated, it, made with that these aboriginal peoples were, then, overwhelmd for them. Mauro Guimares says that Each time more the nature is seen as natural resources to feed a model of espoliador and concentrative development of wealth and that it comes, since this time, if spreading and being implanted for all the planet in a process today called of globalization. (GUIMARES in LOUREIRO & LEROY, 2006, P. 17). In this I break up above, we can perceive that the Ambient Education is presented, today, as a model of Education that can contribute with the necessary and pressing structural changes to the world, involving sustainable styles of life, ethics, compatible cultural standard and equity with the Support.


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