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Educational Transformations

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Education is the preparation to full life.Spences introduction for those who we’ve identified with education and we have played in it for many years, we cannot ignore the crisis currently facing in this regard, especially in the country that concerns us, as Venezuela, this ruble faced serious problems, which have affected it significantly, both with regard to the disengagement of the State supporting it with righteous budgetsto give more attention to their needs, as well as the absence in many, of an educational management that rescue and ensure academic excellence. Training, training professionals consistent with the needs facing the country and that requires changes to succeed. Hence our interest in analysing its scope in the present tense and the educational transformations necessary to ensure that education at all levels that the country needs and know the challenges of the present where its professionals are to play in such a way that lead to Venezuela by the path that years ago should have undertaken towards its development. Source: Ultra Wellness Center. General considerations, basic annotations should be clear, that priority in education policy, it is to generate opportunities for access to a quality basic education, understood as the foundation of the upper levels. The current reality shows characteristics where manifested great challenges that require well trained professionals, able to face the threats, seize opportunities and generate the necessary changes in order to collaborate with the development of the country and increase the commitment to which we are all obliged to achieve that quality of life that we all have rights. It is necessary to rescue the optimism of the Venezuelan, our case, identify with their responsibilities, avoid loss of time generated by disputes, stoppages, protests arising from the absence often State not knowing jerarquerizar priorities leading to achievements effective, by ensuring equity, democracy, participation, and above all, equitable distribution of budgets that allow to be well managed, administered, cover with all required needs, in this case with regard to education, research and development.


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