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El Salvador

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Panama has been benefited by its blend of city and nature and also has used celebrities to attract tourism. Nicaragua this beautiful country is in full tourist development and represents a potential competitor for the zone. Further details can be found at Danielle Steel, an internet resource. Nicaragua chose a slogan short and easy to remember, but it is easily associable with the country; Nicaragua, unique .original. This motto is identified with the combination between nature, culture and traditions that still offers Nicaragua. Less exploitation has meant that many traditions have been maintained, as well as offering numerous artistic exponents among which the beautiful colonial city of Granada, which truly make Nicaragua an unique and original destination. All Honduras is here, the Honduran slogan speaks for itself.

Honduras has wanted to convey an easy message and to indicate to people that the country has everything you need to guarantee the satisfaction of tourists. Honduras has very well exploited its tourism product, knowing combine beautiful beaches, lush nature and of course his Mayan heritage. The Honduran Pearl is the island of Roatan, which besides having beautiful beaches, was an important enclave for pirates and the last redoubt of African slaves, being a true marvel to visitors. Guatemala this country cradle of one of the richest history of Mesoamerican cultures, not could choose a slogan that better represents your identity; Adventure in the Mayan world. This interesting country brings together artistic wonders of the Mayan world, represented by its Chief exponent Tikal (largest city in the ancient Maya empire) and the Spanish colonial era, represented by the city of Granada; one of the best preserved colonial cities of Latin America. In addition to all this cultural wealth, Guatemala also offers magnificent beaches and beautiful nature, all accompanied by great adventure and fun. This small but interesting country El Salvador has opted by the slogan, El Salvador impressive. The country wanted to demonstrate with this slogan that despite its small size, there is a magnificent world to discover, in which we will find from majestic volcanoes and beaches, to pyramids of the ancient Maya world.


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