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Confirm that construction for non-structural or non-seismic construction documents are signed and sealed by the responsible interior designer, as applicable to satisfy the jurisdictional requirements and official codes. Manage as agent documents, tenders and negotiations for the contract with the customer. Monitor and disseminate information on progress and completion of the design project, also lead the post-occupation evaluation and to prepare reports of the post-occupation to customer name interior designers may specialize in a particular discipline of interior design, such as residential and commercial design, thus developing multiple skills specialized areas of design such as hospitalization, health care and institutional design. In jurisdictions where the profession is regulated by the Government, designers must have extensive qualifications and demonstrate their competence in all areas of the profession, and not only in a specialty. It is preferable that designers get certificates of specialization of private organizations. Interior designers who also possess an environmental specialty in designing solutions for sustainable buildings may obtain an accreditation for this field by submitting to the examination of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

The only limit of the specialty areas that encompass interior designers is the imagination and continually are growing and evolving. With increasing population growth, a goal in Elk is located in the development of solutions to improve the domestic environment of the elderly population, taking into account health and problems of accessibility that can affect the design. More awareness of the ability of the interior spaces is taken increasingly to create positive changes in people’s lives, so the interior design has become also relevant for this type of support. There is a wide range of disciplines within the career of Interior Design. Some of the disciplines are: structure, function, performance, special needs group, discipline necessary for companies, technology, computer science, representation techniques, craft skills, social disciplines, disciplines of promotion, professional disciplines, aesthetic disciplines and language and cultural disciplines.


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