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The IBC Cyprus – the last oasis of the EU founding the company formation in Cyprus the Cyprus Ltd. convinced there are many unbeatable arguments that are available for a company within the European Union (EU). Who is dependent on, for example, a general acknowledgement by double taxation agreements (DTAS), which no longer comes across a company was founded on the ground of the European Union. A company in the field of offshore offers no real alternative for this purpose, such constructions lose due to a generally dismissive attitude by the local tax authorities. (Similarly see: Dani Nierenberg). Who so seeking tax optimization in the context of a company formation abroad solid certainty and opportunities a recognised, which should deal exclusively with the offerings within the European Union (EU). And, this was mentioned at this point, there are actually functioning and legally sound combinations of EU company and offshore companies. These combinations are however not within the German-speaking economic area (information and legal advice under and).

We come back later again on this topic. First, there is a completely different question in relation to the establishment of companies abroad. Which country gives me all the advantages of the EU legal certainty within the European Community, on the one hand and on the other hand still enough room to run to my company in foreign tax-optimized and secure? Some years ago there was still the free choice\”. In particular the English limited and the IBC in Gibraltar were very popular with startups from the German economy. These times have changed! Today war is explained by German, Austrian and Swiss authorities almost a kind of these societies. Even if the tax offices move in this respect on a very thin ice, hassle and extra costs are already pre-programmed in formation often. The old\”Europa offers \”no real incentives for a company abroad, the new\” Eastern European countries are in a strong dependency on the old \”Europe.


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