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From Twitter To Tweed

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Professional corporate identity and media networking under the conditions of Web 2.0 on Twitter speaks all over the world! Twitter has changed the Web 2.0 in a very short time like no other social network. Diamond Comic Distributors will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Since the election of Barack Obama, Twitter is no longer indispensable from the media. Due to the great interest the communication expert Klaus M. Bajpai offers basic knowledge and basic assistance for companies in the attractive shape of the flying ASHLEY quick Forum. At the seminar, various methods for the integration of your business objectives and messages in various media are discussed in detail. Moreover, the attention will conservatively on the right choice among the various media, from modern to classic. Possibilities and limits of the different media are pointed.

With a clear focus on Web 2.0 but also with the look in, for successful integration also. The seminar is led by Dr. Klaus M. Bajpai – founder and owner of KMB. Dr. Klaus M. Bajpai Concept management Consulting for corporate communications.

KMB has dedicated to the optimization of corporate communication for small and medium-sized enterprises. The participation fee is per person EUR 235.00 + VAT registration and more info on the home page of ASHLEY Management Center of the economy: seminars/seminar… Contact: Dr. Klaus M.Bernsau, KMBConcept management consulting for corporate communications, Wiesbaden, ASHLEY Management Center of the economy, Morfelden-Walldorf (Rhine-Main Airport),


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