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78 fuel ranks had been evaluated in 70 cities of the state of Minas Gerais in relation to the practical ones adopted in the collection and the destination of the Used Lubricative Oils or Contaminados (OLUC) and of the oil packings. The results had disclosed that more than 15% of the ranks destine such residues of inadequate form and about 9% declared not to be fiscalized by the responsible ambient agencies. In Minas Gerais they are generated annually about 100 a thousand m of used oil 150 a thousand m of packings, I contend 3,6 approximately a thousand m of residual oil, discarded unnecessary. The National Politics of Resduos Slidos (PNRS), created in 2010, is essentially a consolidation of the legislation already in vigor in the Country and brought little innovative contribution for the sector, except for the inclusion of entities and associations of catadores in the recycling process and for the establishment of stated periods so that the Plans of Management of Solid Residues are elaborated (PGRS) in Federal, State and Municipal level, as well as some other lesser obligations. The PNRS still depends on much regulation to become a law with solutions effective for the problems of the solid residues in Brazil and, for this, it will depend on the participation of all the involved segments, also of one concrete and aggressive politics on the part of the governments and the companies.


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