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Training by Peter Schreiber & partner’s capital goods seller on (re) acquisition. Our order and earnings situation is bad. We need to conserve.” Such statements hear seller of capital goods and industrial services currently almost daily, if it with (not yet-) customers speak. According to defensive selling behavior is often. In difficult economic times the acquisition of new customers are ideal.

Because in them, many companies have a problem. So they make also their previous actions and their relationships in question. From this, the chance to win competitors customers grows for sellers. “Under the following conditions: the seller know how prospecting project” should go and point the necessary bite and ELAN. This lack of sellers often especially in difficult economic times. Therefore it has specialized training and consulting firm Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld, the one-day on the capital goods industry “Intensive seminar 3 x 5 of success tips for more sales: complete acquisition – arguing -” developed.

This seminar is aimed according to company owner Peter Schreiber deliberately not on the seller young. The target group are rather experienced capital goods sellers who are faced with the question: How can we chase off now competitors customers and orders? The training is divided into three parts. The first block has 5 tips for successful acquisition”overwritten. In it, learn and determine the seller including, on which competitors customers you should focus your reservations process, because these are attractive for their company and they have realistic chances of success with them. The seller then develop multi-level acquisition strategies to target customers”to crack. “Is the heading of the second block of training: 5 tips for successful argumentation”. In him the seller of the Peter learn Schreiber & partners employee who directs the seminar, first of all, as they reach the necessary information to design the desired solutions for target customers and to establish your company as an attractive partner. Then, the capital goods seller train to design customized reasoning chain at the target customers of the conviction I have mature let Yes, that would’ and I would gladly cooperate Yes, with whom”. In the third and final part of the seminar dealing with the topic: How do I order books? Now the seller will receive tips on how to increase their chances of completion by systematic preparation of negotiations; by the seminar leader Furthermore, as through a professional negotiations ensure that the agreed upon conditions are attractive for their company. “More info about the training 3 x 5 of success tips for more sales: complete acquisition – reasoning – in B2B sales” interested companies at Peter get Schreiber & partner (phone: 07062 / 96968;) E-Mail:; Internet:). Open seminars on the subject also in April and October held at the ZfU business international school, Zurich (CH), whose top speakers owner Peter Schreiber is one.


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