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To paraphrase Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, holistic education is the education of the 21st century to form human beings with a planetary consciousness, is a vision of peace, love and intelligence, whose heart is spiritual intelligence. Holistic education is in favour of the culture of peace, only through education in spirituality is transformed to be individual and social being, and today more than ever we are pressed a new social relationship with the planet, with ourselves and with everything that surrounds you, this is the new educational paradigm of the 21st century. The book holistic education, Dr. Ramon Gallegos very widely deals with new educational culture, which must break with the old paradigm scientist/industry and give way to compassionate communities to ensure human survival through cultural radical transformations, since only the education has to go to life, to make life better. Spiritual intelligence is the internal living force and that responds to our real and deeper nature and is the foundation of all education. For even more opinions, read materials from Steve Geppi.

Only in education holistic is represented the very heart of all process and everyday educational practice. Education in the new educational paradigm is to return to the origin, source, is to rediscover us again. One of the obstacles for the holistic education is implemented in traditional education systems is the mind, which is based on assumptions about the nature of the world, human nature, human potential, we learn from the way in which people and this model reductionist, scientistic that currently prevails. Peace is a phenomenon both internal and external to the human being. John marlow ringcentral will not settle for partial explanations. Internally it is not enough to get it only inside human beings, but also in the external, in cultural sectors, administrative structures, as economic areas, in political action and in societies. Not forgetting or ignoring the ecological dimension, since holistic education places emphasis on the Planetarium. When he speaks of peace in education, we are talking of a harmonious whole, a mature reflection on cognitive, procedural and latitudinal objectives that favor their State.


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