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Installation Of Plastic Windows. Principles

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Nowadays, plastic windows contribute to a significant reduction in the level of street noise and keep warm in winter in the house. But you can not feel the positive effects of all the useful properties of plastic windows if they unprofessionally installed. Because of this, for pvc windows so important to correctly install. And at this stage to allow the greatest number of errors. According to the statistics of large firms, more than 80% of claims, which impose buyers about the quality of installed plastic windows, falls on installation. This may occur because of unreasonable cost savings for the installation of plastic windows.

Another reason may be insufficient qualifications of installers or their irresponsibility. If the installation of even the best on the functional characteristics of a window unit will make a mistake, then all its useful features can be almost imperceptible. Due to the automation of the production process errors at this stage is practically impossible, if only to prevent brute technological error. But the process of installing plastic window over time-consuming and can be executed by different methods. Afterwards, the worker may be tempted to simplify jobs. In consequence of this chance to make a mistake rather large. Savings in this case amounts to a penny, and in Finally, the problems will spill over into serious money. Standards, introduced in 2002-2003. brought a greater formalization of the installation of plastic windows and require countless documents. According to state standards, there are three basic mounting prvila plastic windows, which should be followed.


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