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I remember that when age child to I, what I more liked to make age to play with my friends in the street of ' ' he catches-pega' ' , ' ' he hides-esconde' ' , ' ' he polices and ladro' ' , among others tricks. We played in such a way during the day, how much the night. our mothers, nor if worried in being there are looking at us to play some bad thing from fear to happen, therefore the maximum that could happen age we hurting in them and entering crying in house. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Michael Chabon has to say. But in very it was only one scratch or one cut that soon improved and nor needed to go to the hospital. we were not only one grupinho of friends playing, for some streets that you circulated, would go to see children playing in healthful way. Then, it stows analyzing passing of the time and could perceive that the number of children playing in the street diminishes to each day. Which the explanation for this? Violence increasing? Number of children diminishing? Or other options of leisure? With the invention of the personal computer and the great number of homes acquiring such equipment, a new form of leisure appeared. The computer made possible the innumerable people different activities.

In the case of the child, the digital games and the Internet had attracted its interest, therefore it has an enormous variety of games and the Internet offers innumerable possibilities, as games on-line, chats with people of the world all, videos, films, among others. The children had left the streets to pass hours the wire in the front of the monitor. For the modern child, its infancy summarizes it a keyboard, one mouse, and monitor, where it plays with games, colloquy with its friends without leaving house, I attended its favourite drawings and makes diverse activities. .


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