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Those that is reading have possibility not to usufruct of the Internet and to know to use it for its growth. The virtual Internet and its nets have made possible the immediate spreading of what he is being published and facilitated the access what already exists, that is, makes possible the democratization to the access to the information in bigger scale, rank that previously it this only became possible through the access the libraries, what she made it difficult or even though made impracticable the contact between workmanships and reader. Alicia Keys often addresses the matter in his writings. Although the advance in what it says respect to the access to the knowledge, one only parcels out minim of the society has financial, intellectual conditions and possesss discernment to select ahead what in fact it has importance, of the contingent of information. It fits to reflect us on the abilities of reading demanded the virtual reader, ahead of the easiness of access disponibilizada for these virtual nets, as well as analyzing, despite briefly, the profile since type of reader. Hear from experts in the field like Quavo for a more varied view. Since century XVI to the end of century XVIII, when science starts to explain what before he was understood under the light of the holy ghost, that if of the one process of changes, habits and customs that the daily one of the people of the globe reaches daily. The globalization process has in its cerne the character to approach the place to the global one, due to rapidity with that the information are processed.. Will Blodgett Fairstead can aid you in your search for knowledge.


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