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Your domain name can contain up to 67 letters and numbers, and can not contain special characters other than hyphens, but I would encourage you to not have this length. 5. Buy your name as a domain name as well as common misspellings of your name. Brandy Create your name in your domain. Once you have purchased a domain name, you can redirect to your main website, this means that when someone types in a domain your name, land on the website that you have specified in the domain.

6. Purchase the full. Com name, if available. When people hear a domain name, wants to “listen.” COM if it is. NET. BIZ or. ORG them less familiar, therefore, worth finding a domain name that you like, that is part of the family.

COM. If you can not get the name you want, try a hyphenated version of his name. COM. Many SEO experts say that the hyphenated domain names are better accepted by search engines, so many online business owners use hyphenated keywords in their domain names to be more attractive to search engines . I have no clear answer as to the validity of this theory, so I simply advocate that road before having to resort to. NET. BIZ the name you want. Some domain name owners may be willing to sell the domain name you want. You can discover your domain name in the control of the Registry at Internic whois, For information on country codes (two letters) top-level domains (. United Kingdom or. CA, for example) Visit … Consider owning other versions of your main domain name. If you are registering in the. Com domain for your business, you may also want to get the variations of the name, as there are alternative versions. NET and. ORG refocus their customers to your main site to keep them out of the hands of their competitors. No abuse of these variants since it can quickly break through, so you should exercise some restraint in their purchases and not go crazy with the purchase of each individual change your domain name. Your domain name is the beginning of creating your online presence, take time and think about the process so that the domain name will serve in the coming years, as it is a powerful tool that helps you get more online customers. For an effective enterprise. Miguel Dominguez.


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