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Internet Versus TV

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The internet is hogging all the moments of our life and they are increasingly the tools to communicate, have fun, work or simply indulge us for a few hours of leisure, watching movies or listening to music. One of the media that threatened his tenure before the imprint of the internet is the TV, who had reigned in our lives until today. According to a survey conducted for the report of the interactive generation Forum in Spain, 68% of adolescents between 10 and 18 years old prefer internet to television and 88% said internet user. Definitely, it is not surprise that attracts children more internet use since, on the one hand, they are more accustomed to their use and mostly to social networks. You may wish to learn more. If so, Center for Media Justice is the place to go. According to the same survey, 40% has created blog, Photoblog or web page. It is important to highlight that the preference towards internet could be explained by the interaction posed between author and the site visitor, on the other hand, television does not have this possibility, by placing to the user in a purely passive position. However, having everything on the internet and through a computer gain access to virtually all the things we have to do (study, work, play, listen to music, see movies, etc.), is is leading a sedentary generation that increasingly more concerned specialists.

Rates of obesity are increasingly high, and there is no way that children and adolescents enjoy the sport they prefer to be in front of the computer. In conclusion, this preference of adolescents over the internet can be very encouraging for online marketing, however can also be harmful to the health of these people. Therefore, it is important to maintain a healthy balance so that both parties can benefit from these tools that have come to stay in a world where communications have no barriers.


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