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If you really want to have a list of Opt-in subscribers, beware of not making certain common mistakes that many novice entrepreneurs committed, since not only it’s send catalogs or promotions in your newsletter or bulletin. In the same way that you can use several techniques to make your clients subscribe, avoid doing so many things that they will only make that wish to delete from your list. In addition to this, there is that prevent certain problems with rules and regulations of the Internet today existing day that bring you only headaches up to your service provider (ISP) hosting. These rules that I mention are aimed at protecting the privacy of Internet users, about the practice of spam and the sending of unsolicited emails. Today day given the ease of use and the popularity which has gained the use of email as a medium for marketing, as well as their low or no cost, a lot of companies have made bad use of this and have been flooded with unsolicited promotion mails email accounts. Avoid you all these problems? Grow your list of a way to Opt-in and if it is double Opt-in, because much better, since that way themselves subscribiran and are giving your consent to receive your press releases, promotions and/or newsletters or bulletins. Remember that we always have to put the option to unsubscribe, putting it normally at the bottom of your email, because there will be occasions in which can reach a subscription request without the real owner of the email has already done so or has given his consent, i.e. that someone did it more. My recommendation is to invest a little in a company that handle you your email subscription list, because it will help you to give a management suitable to the subscriptions of your users, will automatically process the casualties and will keep it working properly.


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