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Passive income. Let’s just say, income in the Internet course not entirely passive, because they monitor their sites and develop them in any way be But the passivity of the earnings is much higher than any kind of ‘my uncle’, freelancing, etc. With the right approach basic labor costs should go on the creation and initial site promotion, and the next support should not be time-consuming. As a result poluchaemperspektivny earnings on the Internet that people who works from morning till night in the office, but with much less daily labor costs. For me it is in this main feature of this form of earnings. Potential income is higher than in normal operation.

In principle, the income here depends to you. Even in Kiev, the average salary of a young man with a good education is 2000 $ -3000 $. Achieve the level of the Internet is not so difficult, given that time to earn this money will go much lower. And in order to advance at work above the level of income needed to have a very good try and go at it for years. The Internet is a lot easier. I’m not talking about regions, where salaries in the $ 1000 is considered good, this level Internet is achieved quite easily. Mobility. This is the bonus that I already knew, but he still did not fully enjoy it. Earning on the Internet, you can live essentially anywhere – at home, in the country, in another city, another country.


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