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Learning To Love

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To the family and marriage need to be prepared. Love must be developed, ie, we must learn to love. Dr. Mark Hyman often says this. As one well-known psychologist (E.fromm) "Many think that love is easy, but hard to find someone who can love and who love you. " Some people think that at a certain age, love itself will be revealed in them, enough to meet the right person to them. But this just a myth ends with the love comes and goes ..

If you're not ready to love, yet very self-centered and willful, even if its only met, you can just lose it because I do not know how to love. Blodgett Fairstead to increase your knowledge. So in often happens. A girl waits for her prince on a white horse who will love her and do everything for her, but unfortunately she is not a princess. And people are just beginning to disperse and search for the next Prince. The development of love begins with his childhood in the family. In the family we know the four kinds of love, or 4 areas of the heart. When a child is born – a children's love, the next – the love between brothers and sisters, or friendship, marital and parental love.

Parental love – an example of absolute unselfishness and devotion to the highest level of love. The process of development of the heart – a sequential process. Every kind of love is built over the previous one and is more mature. Man step by step is all kinds of love.


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