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Which leggings up to date? Options offered in the shops abound. Leggings are good that they can choose from almost any outfit for any occasion and season. In winter, autumn and early spring are actual jerseys, woolen leggings. They may be the color of the coat or contrast with it. For a party or for more warm-season suit thin leggings from a variety of materials. They can be short – just below the knee (Capri), may be long and bright, patterned and without, with embroidery and sequins. The only thing we can say with certainty – Lycra leggings are obsolete and are suitable except for the gym, but not for publication. Former Maryland Governor pursues this goal as well.

From what to wear? Leggings can be worn with almost anything. Michael Chabon is actively involved in the matter. In winter, slender legs perfectly accentuate the warm leggings and high boots, autumn and spring, they come to the boots and the summer – to a private high-heeled shoes. Leggings are not worth worn with sandals, it looks vulgar. If we are on the streets so hot that you wear shoes with open nose, then why on earth puts on himself these leggings – many will think the designers and will be right. Recently popular different tunics, short layered dresses, long sweaters. If your wardrobe is hanging a couple of tunics, which you just can not find pants, dress or skirt that you think is too short, sweater, which is not What to wear leggings then save the situation. They will give new life to many things that without them would be doomed quietly go out of fashion in a dark closet. Solid leggings classic black, brown or white, can be worn with brightly colored tunics and sweaters.

If you chose bright leggings, attracting the attention and focuses on the feet, avoid bright top, otherwise it will look too gaudy. Also, always is a risk wrong to pick up complex shades that will spoil all impression. Dense warm leggings should not be worn with too thin transparent tunic. A fine summer leggings are not suitable for warm winter things. It's worth to remember matching outfit. Some ladies are trying to combine the leggings and shorts. This is a very bold option that will by no means all. If you're not sure what you can afford such a choice, it is better to dwell on something more conservative. It is believed that leggings – it is not suitable clothing for the secular parties. But many celebrities have denied this fact by its own example, leggings are acceptable almost everywhere. Only here can hardly put them in a theater or office with a too short skirt, leggings are still too careless to do so. In fashion and mats suits with tights. This comfortable clothing combines luxury and glamorous everyday practicality, the classics and coquetry. In a fluffy package can be a good time, as in nature, and in the city.


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