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Lizeth Numero Uno

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POEM for LIZETH number one resplendent Suns are shaken in the infinite universe of thine eyes towards infinity is agitated sweetly which silenced the infinitude of your skin. I took in my hands, you agito, you contemplate, you drink like wine, sack all the flavor it. Embriagues it wraps me which torrent of dreams, emotions, sorrows and beautiful Bohemian. Which silent but always so attentive, similar to the goldfish who drink your wine, who drink the taste of your lips, you call me, which I sink, I fill up to quench my thirst. Your silent shadow it tells me everything in summarized words, which merge with the cosmos.

While my soul is left to embrace by the overwhelming fire of your silent vos. Body of maiden, lucero gold, look like a star. Your fragrance gives me off now because nothing rebukes me, night comes over, you conquer, you Coos in the hands, then drop you in my bed. Dr. Mark Hymen often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Pleasant odors, powerful sighs, contentious beings. Bed attracts you, you hold strongly, catch your emotions.

I drink them, I do mine, I immersed in them. The universe becomes one, or if that are mine. Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo dedication to lizeth mendieta. of a great friend. neruda poem 1 body of woman, white hills, white thighs, you look like your attitude of delivery worldwide. My body’s wild labriego you undermines and shoots out the son of the depths of the Earth. I was only like a tunnel. Me fleeing the birds and me the night went his powerful invasion. To survive me you forged as a weapon, like an arrow in my bow, a stone in my honda. But it falls the hour of vengeance, and I love you. Skin, Moss, an avid milk and firm body. Ah the vessels in the chest! Ah the eyes of absence! Ah the pubis roses! Ah your voice slow and sad! Body of my woman, persistire in your grace. My thirst, my craving without limit, my indecisive way! Dark river beds where the eternal thirst goes on, and fatigue, and infinite pain.


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