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Lord Nelson Vargas

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Already there is talk of the killing of the kidnapped daughter of Lord Nelson Vargas. This is not no good news. Just think of a sapling retained illegally and violently away from the paternal bosom. Cause horror. This man has lived one year and three months of Mortification and anguish for plagiarism of his daughter. With all my heart we wish that the bones found by the authorities in a house in the South of the city of Mexico is not her daughter and that she still is alive. However, taking into account animal cowardly criminals not fulfilled its part of liberate Silvia, the kidnapped girl, chances of survival have declined tragically. It is in these days when the controversial decision of the Congress and Executive of the Mexican State of Coahuila on implementing the death penalty for all hijacker that has caused the death of the victim is causing discussions and varied thoughts between politicians and representatives of the media.

According to polls, 80 percent of the Mexican population is currently in agreement in the enactment of the death penalty for murderers and the Durst. However, before the initiative submitted by the Coahuila State to the federal Congress, some of its most prominent members have responded with heartfelt opposition. Even seems a worthy reflects virtue of a tearing of garments. Do if the death penalty is bad for Mexico? Gee, what question! The death penalty is bad for anyone. As well as the amputation of a foot or any other Member of the body. They are bad things. But sometimes they are necessary. Gangrene would kill the whole organism, in such case it is preferable to cut the gangrenada portion, and so do the doctors. Here in the country’s Green, white and red flag, the discussion should be whether it makes sense enter the deadly punishment in the midst of the manifest inability of the State to catch and convict criminals.


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