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As an active seller of jewelry, is quite common to hear how many business owners complain about the treasures that their online store does not a success and does not bring the desired impact. I used all his experience in web design and domain knowledge in order to publish some practical advice and help to make your online jewelry store successful. 1. Photos that sell the product. The most important thing you must remember, if you do trade jewelry via the Internet – is that your client will not be able to try on or touch the ornaments, which he intends to buy. He can not see how they will look at it.

Therefore, clear pictures that show how much decoration items, it is very important because ultimately that is what sells your product photos. Different pictures for the same product is useful and help your potential customers to consider jewelry from different sides and see all the details. If you sell a necklace, you must have at least one photo on a mannequin, it will help the buyer imagine how it would look around his neck. If there is a pendant necklace, make a photo pendant closeup with great approximation. Thus, you can show stones that make up the decoration. It is extremely important to do photos of your decorations in daylight without flash.

This approach will help show the true colors of the stones without unnecessary shades and reflections. 2. Easy search. If you have the ability to add search functionality to your site – do it.


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