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Another model of the series – N2500 provides 3.8 kW and weighs 14.2 kg. Networking Power Amplifier PowerH easily integrated into the network – in this case, the IRIS-Net. IRIS-Net – a software platform appartnaya for all devices with remote control, produced concern Telex Communications, Inc., Which includes the company Dynacord, Electro-Voice, Midas, KlarkTeknik. This network allows you to merge into a single set of highly configurable system devices, while promoting their remote control and monitoring from a single user interface. IRIS-Net and other support networks – Ethernet, Cobra-Net, CAN-Bus, USB is an open system, able to work with new versions of various networking solutions from other manufacturers. For the network configuration to a series of amplifiers available PowerH optional recessed channel Remote control module Dynacord RCM-26, which contains a microprocessor to implement the functions of the parametric EQ, crossovers, delays, compressors and limiters. The module also contains algorithms for FIR-filters with linear-phase and zero-latency and all kinds of speaker protection. In addition to analog balanced inputs, RCM-26 has a professional digital AES / EBU inputs and RS-232 interface. Filed under: Steve Geppi.

In the RCM-26 uses 24-bit sigma-delta AD / DA converters with 128 times oversampling, operating at 96 kHz and provide dynamic range> 116 dB, THD THD + N less than 0.005%. On board are two DSP module to the computing power of 300 MIPS. Internal bus 48-bit. When using the bus CAN-Bus using these modules can be combined into a system of up to 250 amps. For all the processes following an integrated microcontroller that displays the processes on the large LCD display.

Series instruments Ro-werH have developed types of protection: for example, the temperature measured at 6 points, while three-speed cooling is provided by two fans. If you deviate from the thermal regime of the microcontroller, depending on the situation, first decreases input signal, giving the amp ‘rest’ and in more serious cases, the controller disables the amplifier from the mains. The display is also continuously displayed voltages and modes. On the back panel is a complete set of professional connectors – XLR, Speakon, screw terminals for fixed installations. Power supply is carried out through a reliable connector PowerCon, having self-cleaning contacts and exclusive accidental breakdown of the power amplifier. Features Professional Amplifier Dynacord LX1600, LX220 and LX3000, relating to the Series Switchmode Precision: switching power supply topology of class ‘H’ with two-level power, built-in protection and limiters, opportunity to work at 2 ohms, super-light weight (only 8.7 kg). Optionally the data can be integrated amplifiers proprietary filters, which are narrow-band notch filters to exclude unwanted transients in the low-frequency range, thereby extending the range down, reproducible medium format speakers. Amplifiers Dynacord S1_800-C1-2000 combines excellent features, progressive circuitry and low price. Power Supply C1-series made by the classical scheme for toroidal transformers.


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