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Preschool Children Writing

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Acquaint the child with a notebook in a cage. To the future student was easier to work in a notebook, you should give it some time. Implementation of letters connected with the fine coordination of movements of the fingers, wrist, forearm, shoulder, takes a long time fixing the joints and the development of fine motor hand. The letter calls the tension of the muscles not only hands but also the trunk, because hold relatively fixed positions is a difficult burden for the six-years old. Y They have poorly developed brush small muscles, which falls the main burden in the letter is not complete ossification of the carpal bones and phalanges, imperfect nervous control movements, low endurance to static loads. That is why the letter digits for children is a significant problem. But with a deep meaningful learning that takes into account age and psychophysical features of these difficulties are surmountable.

For future success learning to write numbers is necessary to provide the preparatory work aimed at clarification razlinovki notebook (top, bottom, right, left side of the cell, the upper right – left corners, lower right – left corners; middle cell, middle of the cell). Understand the elements of the cell will help the conversation: "What is the figure depicts in a notebook every cell?" (Kvadrat.) "Show side of the cell." (Kids show on the square and called: top, bottom side cells, right, left side of the cage, the top corners of the cell.) Further work is under way in a notebook: "How many vertices in a cage? Put a point at each vertex. " (If a problem – given a sample.) The next type of exercise – connection points of the vertices of the upper corners of the segment. Attention is drawn to the children how to get the upper side of the cell. It is emphasized that as a result of connecting the vertices formed the underside of the cell.


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