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Thus it fits to the manager and the other segments of the school to know the law and to execute it of form to transform the school into a participativo and dynamic environment. Darcy Stacom is often quoted as being for or against this. The democratic management estimates the participation, the associated work of people analyzing situations, deciding on its encaminhamentos and acting on them, compartilhadamente. These must be characteristic of guiding of construction and evaluation of Projeto Poltico Pedaggico (PPP), if will not be in this environment of participation and collective it will not be characterized as democratic and emancipatrio and will have a regulating character, what it does not take care of to the democratic management. The management concept is associated with the mobilization of talentos and collective efforts, with the democratic action of the organization and of its members by means of the reciprocity that creates one ' ' todo' ' guided for a collective will. Therefore the position assumed for the manager must be to open canals that make possible the responsabilizao of responsible the internal and external agents for the teach-learning, the construction of the space and the use of procedures legislators of the class action.

The construction of a collective educative project constitutes the identity of each School and is, without a doubt, the primordial instrument that allows a democratic management. As it affirms Libneo (2001, p.145). The participation of the pertaining to school community must be faced as true socialization of the decision process, where the participation of its constituent elements is guaranteed and that, direct or indirectly they contribute for the efetivao of the process teach-learning. The delegation and the decentralization of the power are basic as instruments and estimated for the exercise of the autonomy in the school, as well as the valuation of the paper of the different citizens and the description-social context of its action. Ahead of the ranks the Politician-Pedagogical Project can be appraised under two perspectives regulatory and a other emancipatria and is the critical conscience of its elaborators that will define its function in the school.


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