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The experts interested in the project make an offer. The client communicates through Qurro.com with bidders experts, to resolve doubts, etc. The client chooses an expert. The expert accepts the draft and both receive the contact information for each one to facilitate communication. The customer deposits the money for the project in Qurro.com through your Paypal or credit card account. When the expert successfully completes project for consideration by the client, this transfers the agreed amount to your Qurro.com account. Both users can qualify the performance of its counterpart, giving 1 to 10 stars and a comment. Once both are qualified, can see what rating gave them the other. Musician is likely to increase your knowledge.

The expert requesting a withdrawal of your funds from Qurro.com to your personal Paypal account. Facilities offered by all Qurro.com users of Qurro.com both freelancers and companies – must register for free. The registration allows them to develop a profile that contains your basic data: name that uses to identify itself on the site, country of origin, profession, skills that owns and a description in which you can publish URLs that show his work. We do not publish contact information such as email or phone number, and experts can publish all the projects who wish to, explains Ricardo Rubio, Director of Qurro.com. User’s profile also highlights his grade point average in the projects that participated, with a link to view comments that other clients that have completed tasks have dedicated to him. Qurro.com provides a platform to help customers find experts in various areas classified into around 60 categories.

This includes any kind of task that can run remotely, which include: graphic design, translation, programming PHP, development for iPhone, Legal advice, etc. Qurro.com has 2 levels of users: Normal (which is free, but implies the payment of fees and commissions when there is selection of professional for a) project). Advanced (with a membership of 10 month payment. At this level prevents the payment of future commissions for accepted offers and services provided). Only costs payable in Qurro.com occur when the client chooses an expert. The fixed fee for this service is 3. When an expert offer is accepted and take the project, you must pay a fixed rate of 3 and 4% on the total amount that has been proposed and offered the customer. All new users of both Qurro.com experts as customers – enjoy the benefit of a first free commissions project. In addition, there are other paid options for those wishing to highlight their projects in preferential positions. All monetary transactions that are made with Qurro.com are handled by Paypal, world leader in credit cards and electronic payments processing, which offers security and guarantee of payment and collection service. Contact: Ricardo Rubio Tel: (502) 5680-3160 Email: original author and source of the article.


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