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An Internet portal commits new ways of travel planning. The travel portal rastlos.com is preparing a meaningful combination of travel reports, country information, and the use of geographical coordinates for points of interest and geographic phenomena to be a comprehensive source of information for travel planning. To get the most out of a trip – regardless of the actual journey form – it is worth to research in advance: living conditions, costs, objectives. Printed guides are often the first step, a comprehensive Internet search can fill in existing gaps but also the best guides are unable to outline a country full of detail for any kind of travel. Online, however, can be found tens of thousands of travel reports, from people with the same or very similar interests, often even the desired target region have traveled enough. If you are not convinced, visit BBC. It should build on their experience! And right here, the travel portal builds on Rastlos.com with his unorthodox approach. The where-to-find travel reports are virtually indexed, Activities, means of transport, duration of stay, etc., so that Auswanderwillige can actually find stories of other expatriates in Thailand after Thailand, and divers in the Maldives reports can actually browse the stories of like-minded people.

But in addition to the travel reports there are also a variety of essential country information, maps, and attractions, all fitted with geographical coordinates, so that you to geographically more can click from an entry close to nearby objects, what is the portal to a fruitful source for the planning of an own journey. The participatory concept of Web2. 0 has jumped over to the portal, and so, all entries can be enhance through comments. The opinions and comments of other travellers and visitors make for an even denser network of information. About Rastlos.com: Website launched in 2003 as a hobby project of some Reisebegeisterter in the life. First she served only as a collection of separate travel reports and gradually became a comprehensive Extended travel report catalog. Since 2010 has been and it will be expanded to a full-fledged, comprehensive travel portal, that offers a “one-stop”solution for all countries. Thomas Lam corner


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