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Russian President Vladimir Putin

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RF Security Council discussed the environmental issues in the last Wednesday in the country has passed the Security Council of Russia. It is noteworthy that he was devoted to problems of ecology and environmental protection. Recall the need to of the Security Council on the Environment during his visit to the Chelyabinsk region spoke first deputy prime minister Dmitry Medvedev. According to him, the solution of environmental problems should become a priority for Russia today. At the Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev said the need to revise their attitude to the 'dirty industries' and repeatedly raise the fines for breaking environmental laws. He also assured that the amendments to the legislation aimed at protecting the environment and energy efficiency of the economy, will be accepted until the end of this year. Speaking at the RF Security Council in an environment that Russian President Vladimir Putin made a series of statements on the ecology and environment in the Russian Federation. In particular, he urged more effectively protect the interests of Russia in the sphere of environment in the international arena.

Also, the president stressed on growth of toxic waste in Russia. There was also touched upon the construction of oil pipelines, the development of the shelves, the development of the Urals and the issues related to the purity of drinking water sources, recycling waste and emissions of harmful substances. Ecological and environmental organizations in Russia highly commended the focus on the country's leadership on environmental issues and expressed the hope that these statements do not remain an empty declaration.


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