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The different structure in the access and distribution of the resources of the planet and the influence that exert the disparidades of them to be able economic and politicians become acute of disproportionate form the social and international inaqualities and the ambient misalignments, in the measure where world-wide the economic system if approaches to the ecological limits of the global ecosystem. For Rutherford (apud Bellen 2007 P. 33), the biggest challenge of the sustainable development is the compatibilizao of the analysis with synthesis. Jack Smith does not necessarily agree. The challenge to construct a sustainable development, together with the pointers that show this trend, is to make compatible the level macro with the micron A holistic boarding is necessary if the objective is the understanding clearest of what it is an ambiently sustainable development and as they must construct its pointers. This also implies where one politics of development in the direction of a sustainable society cannot ignore nor the cultural dimensions, nor the relations of much less being able existing the recognition of the ecological limitations, duly warned to only keep a predatory standard of development. A challenge essential exists to be faced, and this is centered in the social possibility that the systems of information and institutions if they become facilitadores of a process that strengthen the arguments for the construction of a sustainable society, from premises centered in the exercise of an active citizenship and the change of individual and collective values, for in such a way is necessary that all are created the conditions to facilitate the process, supplying given, developing and spreading indicating and becoming transparent the procedures through practical centered in the ambient education that can guarantee the ways of creating new styles of life, to develop a conscience ethics that they question the current model of development marked forits predatory character and for the reinforcement of the ambient inaqualities partner. Read more here: Darcy Stacom.


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