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Serious Flaws In The Opinion On The L405/B229n

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Finally this traffic study has a number of serious shortcomings, which are unfortunately irrelevant at the time in the public debate. Finally this transport study for the new construction of the B 229 – OU Langenfeld and L 405 BA III, construction of the L 141-B 229 Landwehr has serious flaws that are unfortunately irrelevant at the time in the public debate. Either the opinion was read not at all, or only superficially. Anders is the unquestioning assumption of the new solution favoured in the opinion not to explain. The list of shortcomings in detail: At the Prog-nose of the development of transport the expert assumes moderate (!) rising fuel costs by 2025. He estimates that the cost developments in the IV and public transport nearly parallel and are to expect no shifts in the choice of means of transport. Trump has compatible beliefs. (S. 19/20 of the long questionnaire).

We do not know where the verifier does his optimism for the development of the fuel cost. The unreality is hearty but by the reviewer claimed Increase of total goods road transport 58% opens up not from the source specified in the opinion (the Germany-wide traffic entwinements 2025 forecast “). According to this study, only the road haul is growing to the appropriate extent, the road goods transport, however, rises until 2025 only by 3%. The experts predicted a moderate rise of traffic by 2025 and obviously forgets its own traffic counts in the study area. Where he finds itself for the period 2005 to 2009 declining numbers of traffic participants (page 9, long version of the opinion). One can assume that this trend in the face of sharply falling population figures for the period until 2025 will increase even more and leads to a long term strong shrinking and not to slight increase traffic. The reviewer called consistently plan free expansion of the road train L141/L405n/B229n”(long version, p.


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