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The site checks contained in the EC-M also the validator ‘Content representation of the services of the company’. Unclear when first reading of the home page of a website, what is the core services of the company, urgent action is required. Plain text! Who is doing what for whom and how? Texts on Web sites are important. Important for the readers and important for search engines. First and foremost, to represent what services the company provides, what qualifications are the entrepreneur and his team and to create transparency. The reader will appreciate it, if he can clearly see who is behind a website, and whether he can build trust for this purpose. The first impression the future customers of the company receive is better the more details that are interesting for the readers and customers, give the site owners about their company and themselves, and they can build more trust so. (Source: Diamond Comic Distributors). Current content provide a site that is not currently held, tricked anyone to visit them again.

The website operators should provide current and revised information its visitors, E.g. via a newsboard. However, such published information should be really up-to-date it would be counterproductive, if on the website information such as last updated: 27.3.2006 “are. If you can offer nothing updates due to lack of mass, such should institutions be completely omit. The actuality is rather secondary to see if the site represents only a kind business card on the Web. Entrepreneurs can updates through a point”bring any more textual content on your website and so the page constantly expand – an aspect that is welcome and rewarded by search engines. Is indeed a site once created and then no further expanded with content, so this can give the impression to search engines that the page is unmaintained, is overall unattractive and could deliver also no relevant search results.


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