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Sorocaba Production

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In 1806 the exportations had only reached more significant volume, with 80 a thousand arrobas. Being based on the enslaved man power, the coffee reigned absolute, during almost a century, as the main Brazilian wealth. Cities had been established and if they had developed because of the activity for the interior of So Paulo, in the South of Minas Gerais and the North of the Paran. The powerful agricultural aristocracy was awardee with headings of nobility for the empire. Thus the barons had appeared of it caf.em its farms, the cafeicultores took a life of luxury and wealth, compared with the one of the cut in Rio De Janeiro. The difficulty to carry the coffee in lombo from muares and cars from ox took the So Paulo farmers to invest in the construction of railroads.

In 1867 Saint was inaugurated, joining the main port of exportation with the zones of coffee production. Other railroads had appeared, guiding the opening of new farmings, that had also reached the Paran. With this growth throughout the railway lines some cities had all appeared that had known the prosperity, to start for Campinas, Sorocaba, Itu, Piracicaba, River Clearly, Banana plantation, Pindamonhangaba, Guaratinguet, Santos and So Paulo. All had known the movement of the aformoseamento produced for the farmers to show its power. The end of the Empire was contemplated already the gifts of the coffee.

The increasing production propitiated more development to the domestic market, brought the railroad, multiplied the cities, introduced the free man power, installed the first industries and provided the modernization to the urban centers. On account of the green gold, So Paulo later became capital it of the farmers and the metropolis of the coffee. Headquarters of the railroad, of famous cultural institutions, inaugurated the modern art. In the decade of 1920 as capital one of the state of bigger coffee production of the country, it strengthened the image that if delineated of the powerful locomotive that lead Brazil.


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