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Stinging Prostate

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. There is iron in the pelvic area – this is the prostate gland. We can not move the pelvic organs – so this is our design. And, therefore, produced stagnation. And suffer from it before often it is the prostate. Official site: John Krasinski. Drag the arm tourniquet – it first blush, then swell. This is the impaired venous drainage. Active circulation in the pelvic area – the best prevention.

Stinging nettle – its root – the perfect diuretic. It relieves symptoms of hyperplasia and other diseases associated with the prostate gland. Pumpkin crop contains phytosterols that promote the normalization of hormonal balance in the male. This is achieved by the positive influence of phytosterols on testosterone synthesis, its transport and metabolism. Pumpkin seeds and anti-inflammatory obladayu diuretic effect.

They are rich in zinc – Zinc deficiency is a very often contributes to the development of prostatitis. Palmetto – its berries contain phytosterols, tonic male reproductive sphere, retard the development of prostatic hyperplasia, and normalize the function of the testicles. Artum provides specific needs of the male body, has a beneficial effect in diseases of the prostate gland. Regulates the levels of male sex hormones, reduces swelling of the prostate. Used for diseases of the bladder, a diuretic effect, is used for difficult urination, increased libido. Strengthens the immune system. Composition 1 capsule contains: Stinging nettle (Urtika dioica L.) 175 mg Pumpkin major (Cucurbita maxima Duch.) 50mg palmetto (Serenoa repens (Bartr.) Small) 50 mg b-carotene 2.5 mg Vitamin E 4 mg Zinc gluconate 40 mg including zinc 5 mg, Lamin Vision We talk a lot about the adverse role of stress in the development of male sexual disorders sphere. But the disease itself and generate the man severe stress. What could be worse for the active youngish man, than the oppressive state of uncertainty and expectation of pain with which he can not cope – too all hard and deeply! Man – this is still a sower, a man, do not forget – the male.


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