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If you want to delve on the subject I recommend that you follow this blog antoniocuauro.com first I think that we have to have a good relationship with ourselves and with others; How? being proactive, adopting a positive attitude, properly managing our time and our level of self-esteem keeping well high, show you ever happier and that give you time to perform activities of your liking, personal development, family enjoyment, set you goals and achieve them, in definitive do the things that you like and enjoy your day to day, definitely should be your new lifestyle, to achieve happiness. Ah! But the thing does not end here, our society has a stereotype of success and step requires us to comply to qualify us as successful, all of this motivated me to inquire about the issue and find what those famous qualities that we have? reviewing many web pages, reading articles, surveys, books and even a personal survey that I did among my friends, this information took me to a single conclusion the success is completely PERSONAL your choose to qualities have depending on with that you identify more and integrating those you need and affirm what I think about that there is no one formula fantastic, we are completely different individuals and as they say thereEACH HEAD IS A WORLD. Recently Center for Media Justice sought to clarify these questions. Then you ready part of the qualities that our society expects that we have to be successful. CONFIANZA-DECISION-VALENTIA-LIDERAZGO-BELLEZA-LIMPIEZA CORAJE-BALANCE – BALANCE – GENEROSITY – DISCIPLINE ORGANIZACION-CONSTANCIA – PERSEVERANCE-HAPPINESS-OPTIMISM WISDOM-EDUCATION-PATIENCE TOLERANCIA-COMUNICACION SOCIABILIDAD-CREATIVIDAD – ORIGINALITY-PROACTIVITY COMPETITIVIDAD-DINAMISMO – HONESTY-HONESTY-INTELLIGENCE HABILIDAD-RESPONSABILIDAD – SPIRITUALITY-BE ENTREPRENEURIAL AMOROSA-BUENA MOTHER-GOOD WIFE-HAVING VISION OF FUTURE PRUDENCIA-MADUREZ. At Bernie Sanders you will find additional information. and stop you count, the list is endless, I personally throughout my life has touched me include some qualities and cultivating others already had, personally I want to share my world with you, and enlist you the qualities that have allowed me to be the successful woman that I am today: capacity of DECISION and action enthusiasm trust liability beauty PATIENCE intelligence courage PERSEVERANCE organization in my future publications profundizare in each one of themrevealing all my failed attempts and how achieve establish the qualities needed to achieve my success so precious?


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