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Sunlight Effect

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Take pictures of people with the sun too high, may mean that the subject's eyes to give them the shade and / or squint in bright light, something that along with this makes them look horrible. A nice side effect of using the light of dawn or sunset is the color of the light is warm, the reds and yellows are stronger which gives a pleasant effect. To know more about this subject visit Dani Nierenberg. If you are photographing in sunlight, try to position themselves for the sun in the subject from the side, giving you a nice "pose" and help create a 3D effect to the photo. The Sunlight behind the subject can give a nice dark effect but be careful not to have lens flare, which can degrade the image contrast .- go to Sunlight. 5.

The direction of lighting (2) The worst type of lighting is the small flashes built into modern cameras. It not only gives his subjects the dreaded red-eye, but also makes all the faces as points without form and without shade. Use only in an emergency, when no other option. 6. The internal flash when you have to use the internal flash, keep the subject away from any wall, especially light-colored, and if possible, avoid that ugly shadow that appears as a contour.

Which would not appear on a dark background. 7. Exposure Using auto exposure to their advantage. If you have a modern camera, typically the default system is centered approach, which means that while making a general reading of the scene, pays more attention to what is in the middle of the frame.


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