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Defeating Drug Traffickers In The Ultra Fast Boats, And Hovercraft Art

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Drug traffickers have ultra fast boats, skimmer craft and hydrofoils, which makes it difficult to track conventional marine craft. The problem is getting worse as drug smugglers ratchet up the stakes of the game using ultra fast water craft, submarines and aircraft. They have the money to buy the best of everything, radar, sonar, communications, weapons, etc. to ensure that medicines reach through the benefits are quite high, because the street value of these illegal drugs are found in high demand and command a huge price point. Last year was a record year, due to the new network-centric and information-sharing between the FBI, DEA, Border Patrol, ATF and U.S. Coast Guard councils working with street level local police and state police.

One of the biggest obstacles is frothing hydrofoil craft, which seem real boats on the surface, but hydrofoil lift feet and can reach and maintain speeds extremely high. Unable to launch the planes, but its scope is general, and have a little radar jamming equipment, weapons and are often difficult to understand. There are ways to sink hydrofoils such that to run many of the guards on the coast of the existing fleet. The USCG is investing heavily in aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned underwater vehicles, satellite communications systems and systems of Net-Centric Warfare style. Currently the game is almost won. But when it comes to the war on drugs, there is much at stake and renegade billionaire who have not lost the light. They have huge piles of cash, a lot of balls, creative minds and know they can buy more than one third of the people working on the side of enforcement.