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The night brings a reality of freshness in winter which starts in Buenos Aires. Billy Bond is the man in the interview. How write from an era that I not met? Even if recourse to the historical archives and you can play on words all lived by Bondo as say you – I never approach me toward the experience busy with one of the pioneers of rock in Argentina. The only memory I have of those years (had six) is a disc lid of the weighing of the Rock that stood out among many others that were stacked on a team of music, owned by my older brothers. Back then I didn’t know what it was.

Today I understand the legend of a man who lives not of memories and who neither believes it is as he says. Then, as we live in the present continuous, I’ll not delve to remove old stories unknown by me. I think that it is best to read the words Billy Bond gives us in this interview and I hope you enjoy it. A Un Pomponius abrazoJuan hug Juan Pomponio 2010 interview JP when I read the name of Billy Bond, is unavoidable to look at the history of being a legend of Argentine rock. What it means to be Billy Bond when look you outside of yourself? Is a weight for you when people you look with the images of the past and perhaps not see your reality today? Is it so? BB man walks on two legs and foot, always forward never re, I am a Scorpion.Does not live in the past and always this burning the old files to let your HD clean, lightweight to be on day with reality, never vivi dreams or GLORIAS passes, I do not deny anything, I do not regret, I have no guilt, no me LA I think.