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When a negative memory is used to motivate personally to maintain discipline or action plan, has better results in the lives of those who do not see the value practical of forgive, and not really know how to do it. For example, when you want to succeed in any area of life, and has not been achieved, use all those negative phrases and taunts that have been received, you can be perfect fuel to start the full machinery of oneself and move us to persist until reaching the top of success. Although only works when these emotions and memories are used as a fuel, such as wood, gasoline, something that burns and produces a positive result. The bad news is that when you get to your goal when you use those emotions and negative memories to motivate you and make you become for example best seller in your area, those same memories already will not serve for future goals. In other words, when you want to go from one point of the country to another, and filled the tank of your car, you use that fuel to reach another point away from where you started, but that fuel can not be used, is impossible, you have to refill the tank, the same happens when you use something as negative as the negative emotions of resentment, resentment and envy to achieve something positive like revenge, how to achieve success. When you remember some negative event, and draws you a huge smile on your face and fills your chest with a great satisfaction and joy, it means that you’ve achieved your vengeance and you’ve achieved success, in other words, you’ve failed your revenge, the good news, is that you still have fuel to continue climbing.

Remember when all those who with good or bad intentions told you you can never reach, you can never achieve it and draw you that smile in your face and not feel anything other than satisfaction to be on top, get your revenge achieved. And don’t even scrubbing the face anyone your success, believe me, these people that you wanted to get payback, they restregaran themselves whether same your happiness, your success and your achievements, asi is always, so you don’t even have to see them again, and that is precisely when the revenge gives peace to the soul, but you have to experience it to understand it. If it still costs you work understand how get you something positive out of something negative in your life, seeks the best revenge book, it is the success and will help you to achieve an even better revenge that a simple and vulgar desquite. Original author and source of the article.


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