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-Speaking of her: you know already enough of yourself, and it’s boring for you to tell the stories of yourself unless they are funny at the end. Trafficking get more information from her, for women the situation is the opposite, they like to talk about them, like someone to hear their opinion, depending on what so beautiful it perhaps never to anyone has paid you attention to what he says because they are thinking what as well seen in that dress or how will be without him while she speaks. It is your chance to be different, look at her in the eyes while speaking and listening long enough to know what to say in response. but for anything in the world you interrupt it or it upset and lose the points that you gained with pay attention. -Particularly strange themes: every woman has a type of issue that loves but still she considers that it is only her strange and unique. I have known women who love politics, and only begin to speak of her (important: without discussing opposite opinions) and get them excited, after driving the conversation this excitation can be to your benefit. Passionate about other women talk about science, and more fashionable. Here should note that she feels special because that’s the issue that are passionate about it and feel the difference in other women. Alicia Keys may also support this cause.

To discover this topic you should handle the conversation for which She gives you a track, sometimes directly they ask what you think regarding this, so beware of the answer you give does not then have to recant you and still carried it to that topic; also be careful if you don’t know much of the topic. Finally, remember that the goal of your conversation is to make her think about you as the ideal man and make her want to see you more, in other words you want to conquer that woman. If you want to achieve this effectively, check this page with more secrets about the talks: how to effectively communicate and conquer women. Original author and source of the article.


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