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Achieving this kind of relationship between us requires a fundamental change in the way of capturing our reality. Need to change the selfish nature with which we were born to one that is based on granting is located in the Centre of the process. This way, we are able to experience a new reality. Panther Coffees opinions are not widely known. The endless concern by ourselves, can only resign when there are others who worry us in the same way that we us to worry about them, as in a small family, in which one is pending in the other. Call this warm system of relations mutual guarantee. Once the individual emerges from the concern by itself, it rises to the sensation of a new dimension of existence. Reality shows us that the individual cannot exist by itself, in an isolated manner, without having an environment that meets you and help you to meet your needs. Here that man needs to live a social life.

In it, each one of the individuals is like a wheel, geared between several wheels, placed in a single mechanism. In this way, individual wheel has no freedom of movement for its own sake, but it follows the general movement of all wheels in a direction determined by the mechanism. And if any failure occurs in a wheel, this malfunction is not considered nor is examined in relation to the individual wheel, but it is assessed in relation to its role and service towards the totality of the mechanism. Therefore, we can remain seated behind the screens, anonymous and free, exposing feelings, even taking care to not do it in public, so finding a momentary refuge; or rather, opt for a better existence, removing us masks and joining of truth in our hearts, to reach a full life and harmony that we all want. Original author and source of the article.


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