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The human being requires relationship with the truth and with the entire connection, to boost its capacity of perception of more meaningful contexts. Some educational models of HEIS recognized the importance that has the development of spirituality, by stating that this requires both academic life, intellect, artistic and cultural harmony, as well as in the development of sport, health and civic activities physical as well as the participation of society. Spirituality should be considered the expression of the individual intrinsic value regardless of their religion, race, or culture. Man as a being unfinished has to continuously resort to a praxis of self-education, the realization of man requires a continuous effort of learning, reflection and free will, experiencing a tension continues between what is and wants to be. This peculiarity makes the man is identified as a subject, and insofar as subject, can distance themselves from the object comprising as a different reality.

What refers to transit through the temporality thinking in the past, the present and the future, in an interest to dominate them, why think of death and prevents it. (4). Therefore education should be directed to the development of man’s capacity so that it knows more, not only with each other but also for others. Inwardly, educated humans will necessarily reflect its spirit in the outside world, according to the results produced, defining it with a new objective and actual profile that revolves around the ethics by simple nature, acting with integrity in all their actions, on the basis of the principles of the ultimate truth. Spiritual intelligence is the only one that makes the individual honest, why should be the center of all real education, the practice of this intelligence will not convert anyone into something different to what is, but try to awaken from the poorly understood, identify the things as they are not.(5) The holistic education is a relevant educational proposal, constitutes an opportunity for change in the level that you want to apply, but requires openness and commitment to the real need for transformation.


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