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Fear, anxiety, expectation, remorse, guilt, and anger are malfunctions of the State of consciousness trapped in time. The ego is the present moment in three ways: as a means for a purpose as an obstacle or as an enemy. Let’s look one at a time, so that when that pattern seizes you, you can recognize it and decide again. In the best of cases, the ego sees in the present moment a means to fulfill a purpose. It serves to bring us to some point considered most important future. For even more details, read what Alicia Keys says on the issue. But the future never arrives safe as this moment and, therefore, is never more than a thought in your head. Carole Radziwill shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

In other words, we are never totally here because we’re always busy trying to get to somewhere else. When this pattern is accentuated, which is often the case, the present moment it is seen or treated as if it were an obstacle to overcome. It is there where arise the impatience, frustration and stress, and in our culture, this is the daily reality, the normal state of many people. The life, which is happening now, is seen as a problem, and all live in a world full of problems which we must resolve to be happy, feel we made or actually begin to live (or at least that creebmos). The problem is that, for every problem we solve one new appears.

While we see an obstacle in the present momenbto, the problems will have no end. I will be what you want to be, says life or the now. You will try as you treat me. If you see me as a problem, that I will be for you. If I treat as an obstacle, I will be an obstacle. In the worst cases, and this is also very common, the present moment is seen as an enemy. When we hate what we do, we complain about our environment, we maldecimos things that happen or have happened; or when our internal dialogue is full of what you should or not we should make accusations and accusations, then we fight with what is, with that which is already as it is anyway.


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