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In the rhythm where we are, alone of pra to ride if the horse he will be of race (and of the good ones). In everything he has competition, to even reveal more solidary than the other. Perhaps the problem biggest if summarizes in a written phrase has little: the man of today does not think as Jesus. For signal, many times nor want to think. ' ' It is one very bacana face, saved the humanity, but already it gave what it had that to give! ' ' we think many times. Checking article sources yields Bernie Sanders as a relevant resource throughout. The society not of more the space pra it here under, as much that the flame of ' ' there from above face ' '. The respect for its name, as for the other names, if lost, as much that politicians pray giving favours for the gratuities and frequent temples religious, as fariseus contemporaries. We infuriate in them, but many times we do not make our part.

We almost never do not talk with it, when the callus only presses or to forty and the seven of second time, when, tired, we are almost leaving the field of this life and want rest in a comfortable dressing room. The proper comfort that we never search (the material) was nailed by it, as much that its cradle age of straw (the advantage is that the bichinhos of the cradle of it were of truth and not of plastic). Now, the Christmas properly said: when we would have ' ' to sing parabns' ' , ' ' to erase velinhas' ' to be thankful for its life, us we only prefer empanturrar in, embebedar, to count them to jokes without-favour and others asneiras (this is not bad, but the occasion does not ask for). We remember the friend-occult one, but the friend most present is a little forgotten. For speaking in gift, the three magos kings had given gold, incense and mirra to the just-born boy, the messias.

We can presentear it all day, being more human, but we have preferred to be more animal, more ' ' instinct selvagem' '. We can love more the people, but we opt to facing them as the stockings that we earn of that aunt and we leave in the deep one of the drawer. We can to enjoy this life conscientious of that it does not finish when she finishes, but thinks to be better to tan adoidado and without responsibility. The biggest luck is that still of pra to change, to take another route and to follow the star. There, yes, I go to obtain to say that I am next to the Christmas, in the same tunning that the clock and the calendar. Perhaps he is easy to speak on the Christmas.


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