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The Road To Success

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Somehow we all succeed. We achieve this because we know that brings great satisfaction, "income, a quiet life, security, good social relations, etc. Many treat their way in their own way to succeed, but do not. Perhaps what they lack is "planning." Good planning begins when you know where you're headed. Here a council that there read and transcribe with much love to you: 1 .- We must prepare for success, both to achieve, and to maintain it. 2 .- always faced challenges with optimism and confidence.

3 .- It is necessary to always keep our goals clear, accurate and also what we must do to achieve them. Do not forget that circumstances sometimes obscure the view and it is to lose its way. A case study in success at work is that of a humble chupetero (ice cream vendor) in the city of Iquitos, named John, who has even been the subject of articles in local newspapers, and that each she sells 300 aguaje soothers as /. 1 sol each. This colorful character runs every day all units of public administration: county, regional government, fisheries, hospitals, etc. For every "pacifier aguaje" (ice cream on a stick waterhole) who sells, earns a commission of 30 cents sun. Multiply your small commission on the number of pacifiers sold in one day, we find that earns 90 soles (30 dollars) a day.

In a 30-day month, selling aguaje soothers, John wins s /. 2, 700 soles ($ 1,000). Take note that in Peru a teacher, a policeman, a nurse, has not won it. John earns more than any of them, although a teacher to be 5 years university studies, a national police officer examines at least three years and a nurse three years in college. To know more about this subject visit Michael Chabon. John did not study or even high school, but that was not a problem to achieve job success. You want the more than 300,000 taxis in the country, winning what makes Juan. A taxi driver in Peru working 12 hours a day does not reach more than 1,200 soles per month, with rental car. John's Secret to success was to choose a work activity is to provide rich ice water hole in a tropical environment where the temperature reaches 30 degrees below sombra.Y in which each inhabitant eats up at least three dummies to day by the excessive heat of the Peruvian jungle. What's more, John is not ashamed to work as chupetero. It has hundreds of friends, ranging from government officials, lawyers, judges, secretaries, policemen, doctors, who are their clientes.Juan is a very loved in Iquitos. Our friend faced the challenge of being an itinerant, was organized, well-chosen places that would come, the timetable for doing so and then put into practice its work plan, with optimal results. As you can see the path to success is not always a desk, an executive officer, being an entrepreneur. The road to success depends on oneself, to assume the challenges and be clear about our objectives. John "the chupetero "knows. Did You Know? Smile and be happy


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