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There is Something in Nothing

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“Nothingness” is unique, equal, perfect, infinite, indefinite, eternal … it is “absolute.” “Nothingness” is hidden in the depths of existence, is mixed with the existence, “nothing” is existence. “Nothingness” is the dynamism that makes it possible, “nothing” is there. Read additional details here: Martin O’Malley. “Nothingness” pure, heat and cold can destroy all existence. “Nothingness” is in everything and everywhere.

Within the “nothing” almost infinite, the small and large are almost infinite. “Nothingness” was what made possible the creation of all existence, which is energy of “nothing” made there. “Nothingness” is absolute “nothing” is the “vacuum” all that is between matter and space. “Nothingness” is like a god. THE FIELD more subatomic matter of sub atom smallest possible indivisible as a commodity.

This division would be an impossibility, no matter can be divided into one or more small and so indiscriminate other materials, it would reach a point that this subject would be something intangible; energy but could be something intangible, and that something would happen that energy to this matter, the division limit would be something you energy, something intangible, the end of all possible divisions would result in “nothing.” THE START OF THE EXISTENCE There was a beginning, because everything has a beginning in establishing the existence in material form, since the existence can not be anything else than matter, even if it is energy. He must have a principle in the existing building. This principle, should begin at infinity of the beginning, there was nothing more than the principle, that point almost infinitely small, motionless and very dense, it was almost “nothing” absolute. That principle was the beginning of everything. That principle was an insignificant point in an absolute vacuum in a place where there was no place, since the absence of existence there were places where there was neither time because everything was “nothing” except that principle. Call it God or not, this principle within the origin of creation, because in reality this principle was that, as a God, because thanks to that principle, that “divine breath” created a subatomic dynamics which in turn gave rise to matter and existence. And because of this dynamism that created existence, by induction, multiplied dynamism while matter and existence, and so on, leading to continue indefinitely multiplying at a time: the energy, matter and existence, because the three are one. SATURATION OF THE EXISTENCE is logical to think that there is a saturation of existence even if it is mixed. As would be logical to think that a sea water saturation within its precincts, although this is mixed. Then there also permits, the saturation of the non-existent, ie vacuum or “nothing” although the whole existence itself is a product of “nothing” made dynamic, that dynamism by being is as energy, matter and existence. The universe to grow without end, constantly supersaturated existence, and in turn empty. Because the universe is surrounded by vacuum, and that by failing to stop the dynamic expansion of the universe to induce dynamism creates even more dynamic, it creates more existence. THERE IS NOTHING time there is a piece of evolution. The evolution does not exist, is a bit of expansion. The expansion does not exist, is a piece of And so on …. dynamism leads to nothing exists, or that everything has its basis in “nothing” or that the end of all that exists is “nothing.”


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